Friday, June 24, 2011

things that are making me happy

so my brother and i are always shocked that our youngest brother doesn't remember certain things from when we grew up. he IS 7 years younger than i (4 years from my other brother). so it makes sense that he doesn't remember 80s things. but we still make fun of him. and my other brother (who was born in 83) is kind of in both worlds - he knows my things AND he knows my brothers things. so they're all his things. so when i saw these videos, i thought "ohhh, the boys will love these!" and i hope they do.

from here and here.

what do you think, boys?

i can think of at least one thing they have forgotten - swans crossing. i LOVED that show. and what about california dreaming?


  1. i remembered all of those.

    don't wake me up if i'm dreamin'...