Saturday, April 9, 2011

your woman

goooood moooorning!

am up early because i forgot to turn off my alarm. thought i'd go get some errands done (e.g. buying a new bike!!) and whatnot. i just need to find a place to actually PUT the bike. i dont want it to get stolen again, obviously.

last night, i was supposed to have two friends from work over to our place to see the south end, have a drink and chat. we ended up going to a movie instead. i didnt want to drink alcohol since i just had a massage thursday night. we saw the lincoln lawyer. a bit long, but i liked it. it was confusing to me of when it was supposed to take place. present day? but it took so long for someone to use a cell phone. and then why was he riding in such an old car? that was bizarre. i'm sure it was explained in the book or something.

anyway, i walked home and then my roomie and i watched nikita. its one of my favorite shows on tv right now. its really good. i was talking to someone the other day and she started a story with "20 years ago, there was a tv network called USA." and i kind of chuckled. i said "yeah, its still around." i thought of USA because la femme nikita used to be on that, i think. i wonder if i should put la femme nikita in my netflix queue. hmmm...

i have a ton of posts coming in the next few days. i have to write about the flood, the end of basketball for my brothers, nodak, health, birthday planning, etc. i think after i buy my bike i might go to a coffee shop or something and just sit there and blog. have a lot to get done.

whats planned for your weekend?

to honor [dave]'s request, i will not use an american pie lyric as the title. i haven't finished that, but i will take a break. i got my hair done last week and this song was playing at the hair salon and i thought "holy crap! i haven't heard this song in FOREVER." so i bought the video on itunes because it reminds me of high school. and this was one song where i was surprised by the music video. for some reason, i had never seen it. one hit wonder?


  1. well i guess what they say is true....

  2. thank goodness.

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