Saturday, April 16, 2011

things that are making me happy

its friday night and i'm super tired, but this made me smile. i would really really like for my mom to do this sometime. she doesn't like talking to telemarketers. i actually kind of enjoy it. i always think "ok, yeah, go ahead and just TRY to get me to buy what you're selling. i'm not that gullible." i think i kinda like to have their hopes get up thinking they might actually win with me and then - boom! nope. i don't buy. anyway, this is for you ma.

hat tip here.

here are some links to some other things that are making me happy:
random people having apple store dance offs. i want to do that.

ok, i thought i had more but i guess i dont...


  1. I LOVE terrorizing telemarketers. I did it once at the parents house... "you kicked my dog!"