Sunday, April 24, 2011

i'm feeling very blah. its sunday night - i hate this night. and i have done nothing productive all weekend. and yet,i have been very busy. very very busy. ugh.

yesterday i got up and got a laser hair removal for this patch of hair on the bottom of my foot. ha ha. jk. no, for my underarms. it stung a little, but wasn't bad at all. i had to rent a zipcar and drive out into the suburbs for the appointment. i cruised back and tried to go to target but it was raining and people here can't drive well, so i didn't have enough time. i returned the car and met a friend for a semi-private tennis lesson. it was fun. i like tennis. i am REALLY good at hitting the ball when its coming to the same position each time. when i'm in an actual game and have to run to the ball and figure out where its going... i'm not so great. i guess thats what takes practice. anyway, after that i showered and met kc and the sunshine band for drinks and a comedy show. i took a cab home and ended up staying up for a long time. i dont know why i did that. i didnt really do anything.

this morning i went to easter brunch in quincy with my roommate. that was fun. we came home and i wanted to go get groceries but they weren't open. i ended up hitting up the movie theater instead and saw scream 4 because i couldnt be at home. i was just so... sick of everything and nothing at the same time. the movie was fine. normal. i wish i had seen it with high school friends. anyway, i have done NOTHING since i got home and i have a TON to do. silly how that works out. part of the problem is that it is soo EFFING HOT in our apartment. it got cold last week, so we turned on the heat, and we cant turn it off. i think thats why i'm apathetic right now. the heat. it does not mix with me.

anyway, i'm going to bed.

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