Thursday, February 3, 2011

murder on the dancefloor

yesterday was the first day that i have truly been COLD this year. for some reason, my gloves and jacket weren't warm enough. there must have been a breeze or something unordinary because i generally dont find winters in boston that cold but boston was particularly cold yesterday. i noticed it because i was at whole foods and i missed the bus so i ended up walking home. oh crap! i just realized that i forgot to get cumin. and oils to make homemade yoga mat cleaners. damn. i'll have to go back sometime.

anyway, i walked home from whole foods and it was freeeeezing. i got home and was supposed to work on my expense reports that i keep putting off. and, once again, i kept putting them off. which is why i am up at 4 am this morning. i am going to finish them before i go to work. i need to pay rent, you know?

things have been pretty quiet lately and thats a good thing. i love traveling but i also love not traveling. so thats a good thing. i was in california last week and friday afternoon i landed around 5pm. the whole return to boston thing put me in a bad mood. 1) my cab driver was coughing and whatnot and then his credit card machine "didn't work" ugh. 2) i walked in to my room and the cleaners had changed my sheets the wrong way. that was really annoying. oh and then 3) there was some stupid stuff with work. so that sucked. i was really frustrated so i started yelling at my roommate, but in a funny way. no one seems to get that it was a joke. i was purposefully pulling myself out of a bad mood.

we had no plans for that night, but i quickly convinced him to go to towne with me because i was really craving their salmon. it was delicious when i first had it a few months ago. we figured we should get there earlyish because we didnt have a reservation, it was friday night, and the place is the hottest new restaurant in towne. get it? towne. ha ha. anyway, we got there later than we wanted and just in time to hear the hostess tell a party of 2 ahead of us that the wait was 45 minutes. so we thought we'd get a drink at the bar first. and then, all of a sudden, the manager of the restaurant comes over and see higgi in the morning and, of course, they know each other and the manager says to the hostess "you're showing them to the dining room?" and we get seated right away!

i really only wanted a salmon, but then we felt like we had to be good guests so we ended up having a cocktail, appetizer, entrees, bottle of wine, and dessert. i waddled home, but it was FABULOUSLY FANTASTIC. and so much fun! and also very expensive. but totally worth it.

what else? oh, i went to see aziz ansari last weekend. his standup was relatively clean and super funny. i went with kelly and her friend. it was good and i didnt mind that it was at 945 on a sunday night.

work has been relatively quiet this week, which is good. its gonna pick up next week, i'm sure. oh and the other interesting thing of this week is that i found this new workout place that i really like. i'm gonna try and take more classes there.

[sophie ellis bexter. LOVE this song]