Monday, December 6, 2010

tweet it

i think my little brothers are fabulous. they're fun people and everyone should want to hang out with them (but i should get to decide who actually GETS to hang out with them). a few weekends ago, we had a fun twitter exchange and it really made me laugh, so i am pasting it here for you all.

first, a bit of background: i haven't twittered in a long time. hmm... i think thats all i have to say for background, and you probably could've figured that out anyway.

so to begin, my brother player twittered the following and then homie got into it and i had to jump in, as well.

Scarlett Johansson... I am single

@ you're not gay?

@ Contrary to popular belief, I am not gay.

@ my bad... I thought I heard something about you and @

@ I hope @ didn't tell you anything... It was suppose to be a secret.

Supposed! With a d!

And @ has awoken from her twitter slumber

@ has lost her tweeting abilities. You should have made that a reply to me. Now people just think you're saying random things

Danielle Erdmann
I can't let the erdys be so egregious with their twattery

@ yes I had to look up egregious

@ I had to ask my wife and she said "I don't think it's good"

@ that is correct. It is not good. "extraordinary in some bad way"

I am wearing a moustache. True story

@ twitpic! Twitpic! Twitpic!

and i was wearing a moustache, and here is the pic of it. its a long story but here is the short version: i went to a bar that would only let you in if you were wearing a moustache. so i wore a moustache.
i think i look good with it.

the other night, my friend bubby mentioned he doesn't really "get" twitter. so here is a video for him and ya'll to enjoy. it totally explains it not at all.

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