Saturday, December 18, 2010

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NEVER in my life have i had difficulty falling asleep on a plane. i am not asleep right now and it is making me very very very very very very irritable. i've had less than 3 hours of sleep am on my way to my family christmas and am very tired. this is not making me happy. i may just flip. oh and its cold. oh so cold. and i normally dont MIND being cold. ugh. i'm so upset right now. the kid next to me keeps nudging me. i finally told him we had to figure out a way to share the arm rest. he took his arm off of it and i was like, you can use the armrest, just dont go PAST the arm rest. armrest or arm rest? i guess armrest works. anyway, then he is taking up my foot space! AND this kid isn't even that tall or big. UGH.

but thats not all. the woman behind me keeps KICKING MY CHAIR. i mean, how old are you?? i have turned around 30 times to catch her eye and say something but she's busy reading her book. i'm about to spend about 40 hrs on a plane in the next 2 weeks and now, all of a sudden, i am not looking forward to it.


thats me being upset. i need to sleep. i'm going to try after i finish this.

so last night i was busy after work, then i went to borders to buy some gifts for my family. kc and the sunshine band came over to help/watch us (read: ryan) make a long island iced tea cake. higgi was in the middle of making 3 different types of cookies. i hadn't eaten dinner (it was after 9pm) so i grabbed a burger from down the street (skip it, next time) and had some cookies, as well. we attempted to watch players game a little bit. homie was there - actually drove JUST for it - so that was cool. it also meant he wasnt sending me updates, but i guess he could've.... hmmm... anyway, at 1130 i said i had to excuse myself because i had to pack. kc left and i was soooo tired. i went to bed but of course i didnt go to sleep right away. i think i was asleep by 1215. and less than 3 hours later my alarm went off. i had to rush pack, shower, and get to the airport. it was a rush but i did it. and i was planning to get at least 3 hours of sleep on the plane. but i'm too cold. and people keep bumping me. and i'm cranky.

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  1. Planes are just too dang small for me... Not a chance that I'd even be able to sleep on one.