Monday, November 15, 2010

you're so pretty

happy monday! favorite day of the week. now if only i could get some stuff done at work, i'd truly be happy. flew in from columbus last week - crazy weekend! must tell you about it when i have time. had friends over last night to give me advice and have wine and chat and whatnot and i'm having another friend over tonight to do the same thing. less advice, more catching up, i guess. just chatting. oh, and later i hope to watch the weeds season finale. i hope its good. this season has kind of sucked. bring back esteban!

so, for fun for you today - take this quiz. its super interesting (about food moods)! i got 2 out of 5 right (crazy!) and thats annoying. how did you do?

and for more fun - scarjo is hot. just sayin.

and finally, here are some colorful homes. pretty.

[the way you are. cranberries.]

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