Thursday, November 4, 2010

things that are making me happy

i LOVE movies. that is a given. and i LOVE old theaters, so this post made me really happy. i have a new goal: visit all of these old theaters. unfortunately, i don't have any plans to visit any of these cities/areas in the near-future, i will have to add all these places to the list. which place should i go to first? have you been to any of these? this one looks really cool.

i'm also sad they didn't include the fargo theater on here. it was built in 1929! thats old, man!

i'm adding that to my list and therefore i can cross off exactly one theatre. writing it in my planner now.


  1. NBC did a story on cool old theaters in North Dakota. Did you catch that??

  2. yes, I watched that, wasn't a theatre in Walhalla mentioned? Or was it Cavalier? Reminds me of the old theatre in Minot. You had to check to make sure there was a seat where you wanted to sit, sometimes the seats were missing.

  3. i remember you telling me about it, but i'm not sure i actually saw it...