Monday, November 1, 2010

things that are making me happy

i'm starting a new series called "things that are making me happy" (stolen from npr, i admit) and the first installment is, and i readily admit it, the fact that i LOVE crappy vh1 television and celebreality. i haven't watched any in a very very long time. i think since summer 2009 - wild! thats almost a year and a half! its been so long that i missed i love money 3 (damn!) and its now in the middle of i love money 4 (missed half the season! crap!). (but don't worry - i'm catching up and watching all the new episodes going forward!) i had no idea all this was going on. and now brett michaels has a new show?! crap! i think i am going to decide to not commit to this show. that would be best for me. i would probably lose brain cells (and i can only spare so many!). but, anyway, i discovered that they had a follow up to the rock of love girls and where they are now. you can check it out here. i'm not going to bother figuring out how to put those videos in here (if i even can), so just click on the link.

sigh. its all about the simple pleasures in life.

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