Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving on a plane

on the plane. heading from bos to atl for my thanksgiving vacation. i think this is, literally, the first time that i have ever flown for thanksgiving weekend. i've never traveled on it - save for the first year in boston (11 year ago!) when i took the bus to nyc and met 3 friends there (gidge, kj, and shad). but that was bus travel. other than that, i've never really traveled on this weekend. thanksgiving isn't such a big holiday for me. its just eating and being lazy. is that my thing?

i equally love and hate when plans get changed. tuesday night i stayed at work until 1am (took a cab home, of course). when i got home, i expected it to be quiet, but my roommate was up getting ready for thanksgiving dinner. i talked to him for a bit and then headed to bed. i probably didn't get to bed until almost 2, so i let myself sleep in until after 7 on wed morning. i still had to go to work. i got in around 9 and was prepared to work until 5 when i had plans with a coworker to have drinks. then i planned to go home, pack for my trip to florida, catch up on some tv, early to bed, early to rise, maybe do a bit of work, etc. tranquille.

so i get to work and of course, it was the day before thanksgiving so we had early release at 3pm. my coworker and i decided not to have drinks and my roommate asked me to meet up with him and his coworkers after work. they got out at 1:30 (working in higher ed must be so nice!) and i was super busy at work, so i didn't leave until 4:30 (annoying!). i rushed out and then headed to marliave where higgi and his friends were. they were a few drinks in so i got a drink. we had a good time. we were there until... hmm... i actually have no idea how long we were there. in the end there were 4 of us and higgi and his friend/coworker liz and i took a cab to the south end because it was FREEZING wind. we stopped at our place and had some bubbly. then we headed out to get some food at 647. i had a burger which was really good. since higgi used to work there we got to try a lot of the appetizers. mmmm mmm good. i had a glass of wine and was like "doh! i wasn't going to drink much." that was not my plan to have any at all. all i wanted to do was pack!

since i hadn't slept much the night prior, i was super tired. i didn't walk liz to the train station, i let higgi do that because i was dead. i went to bed right away and set my alarm for 7 am to get up and pack. my flight was at 11 but i've been hearing horror stories about the security at aiports, so i figured i would get there SUPER early. just in case. i got to the airport around 9:35 and... sure enough: no one's there. its totally dead. i zoomed through security (NOT the freaky deaky naked scanner thing, which i am undecided about - new study says that it can cause cancer which is not super cool) and was sitting in a rocking chair at my gate in no time. i got upgraded on tuesday, which should've told me that not a lot of people were flying, but i still thought it would be busier than it is. my flight is decently full. i think there are only a few empty seats. and i am getting more comfortable in first class. the people on this trip don't seem to be so elitist. probably all upgraders. ha.

so i feel like i should attempt something interesting.... i'm watching millionaire matchmaker. there's nothing interesting on tv and this show is one of those train wrecks. you can't stop watching it. why are people so concerned with how much money a person makes? and all of the matchmakers rules (i forget her name) are kind of ... i dont know. severe? limiting? over the top? something like that.

i was just looking through my old photos looking for one to post here. nothing really interesting, but i found one of a thanksgiving dinner a few years ago. oh wait. i DID travel for thanksgiving once. 3 or 4 years ago, i flew to paris and did thanksgiving with my friends. i must've flown wed night red eye and come back on sunday. i think it was a super quick trip. here are the photos:

guess we're descending now. so i'll post this. what are you doing for thanksgiving? what's your favorite thanksgiving food to eat? oh! and happy thanksgiving!

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