Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday morning quick update

quick update: we're on our way to go alligator hunting. i kind of want one to bite me - just a little. just like nick my skin so i get a cool scare. no lost limbs or anything. player's team won last night. we didn't play the home team, just the two traveling teams, which was a better team, and my uncle talked to someone who said that that the home team always does that for their own tournament - plans to play the worst of the 3 teams. AND the home team lost last night to the team we beat on friday night. so player's team is the winner of the tournament!! they should've taken a chance and tried playing us. losers. last day in florida for me. i fly back to the tropics tomorrow morning and spend half a day at work. bleh.

ok, talk to you guys later.

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