Tuesday, November 23, 2010

is your love strong enough

i was at a training the other day and we did this exercise where there were 5 signs around the room:
  1. strongly agree
  2. agree
  3. conflicted
  4. disagree
  5. strongly disagree
the moderator would read a statement and then we all had to go stand under the sign which explained how we felt. the questions were meant to be polarizing and get us to think about our opinions. for example, "homeless people should be allowed to sleep in parks." or "america is the most democratic country in the world." they really made me think. but there was one sentence that i did not think about, for a second. "same-sex couples should be allowed to have the same rights as other couples."

there were about 3 of us in the "strongly agree" section (out of about 12). 4 or so under "agree" and then the rest spread across the other options. it was really shocking to me that anyone in boston would be under a sign other than "agree" or "strongly agree."

thanks to boingboing for posting this great video.



  1. good work danielle... what were some of th reasons from the people that weren't under agree or strongly agree?

  2. I'm with you on this one, danielle...nice job.