Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i've had the time of my life

super quick note for today. am rather busy and just wishing i could cut my to do list in half. i like being busy, but now i'm starting to think that i need to work super late at night, and i'm not super happy about that idea. at least my desk is clean and my room is mostly clean. those make me pleased.

higgi and i watched the emmy's on sunday night - he made a delicious steak salad. i think he was kind of hesitant or not interested in really watching, but i actually really enjoyed it! we skipped through the boring parts, of course, but the parts we saw we really enjoyed. in case you missed it, or thought it was boring, or forgot about the great parts, you can check out the highlights at this link. they're pretty funny - especially if you watch tv and get all the different jokes. oh, and i think i might be in love with jon hammmmm. he is soooo gorgeous and funny! and i kind of like that don draper is an ass hole. he might become one of my top 10 favorite actors.

in other videos you might enjoy, here are a few different clips of southwest airline flight attendants. they're pretty good. i like it when flight attendants are funny and take enjoyment out of their job. this one is good:

i was going to be done posting, but then i found this video and really loved it. because i love dancing movies and footloose and all that: [i'm thinking i'm not having much luck with the videos today - so check out this link if it doesnt work.]

and FINALLY... one last thing before i say goodbye. an article caught my attention: people who drink a lot live longer! check it out here. i guess i shouldn't bring up that i am starting a detox today so no alcohol for me for a bit. :( i still have to figure out what i can eat for breakfast... how do i do that?? anyway, over and out.

[inspiration from dirty dancing, of course]


  1. ok, i obviously can't figure out the video part - they're out of order, but i'm not going to bother fixing it. you get the picture.

  2. That airline video was too funny! I loved it.