Friday, September 3, 2010

drive me crazy, up the wall

good mood alert! but lets see how long it lasts... i woke up with a good mood this morning because i awoke in a very CLEAN bedroom! we had the cleaners come yesterday and i can notice a big difference after they come. we've had them come every other thursday for the past few months, but i think this is literally the first thursday where i have been home to see their work. i'm usually traveling or something. wait. probably only traveling. i'm usually traveling. so yeah, we have cleaners and i love it! no more bathroom cleaning, dusting, vacuuming (which i dont mind) and yesterday i let them... change my sheets! i didn't let them wash my current ones, because i'm particular about my laundry, but i did let them change the bed and it looked sooo nice and inviting. i couldn't WAIT to get in it! i should've taken a picture because it does not look NEARLY as good this morning after i made the bed. i was super super happy UNTIL i went to make the bed. i noticed they put the sheets on "upside down" which might be the technical hotel way, but not the way i do it. normally, when i make my bed, i put the flat sheet seams down. they put the flat sheet seams UP, but then folded the top over a bit. i dont think i like it. which way do you make your bed? oh, and the other thing that i didn't like, which i also understand, is that they put the comforter on with the part i consider the head at the foot. its where my duvet cover seam is. i understand why putting it at your feet is smart - it doesnt bug you at night near your head, BUT i dont like it because i'm not super tall, so my feet keep going INTO the seams / pockets and then ruining it. i might change it, but the bed is all nicely made, so we'll see...

so we have a new cleaning person woo hoo! i have been saving some cleaning articles for a long time because i think you guys might enjoy them. i like this article which talks about tricks to avoid ironing (i HATE ironing! unless its easy like sheets or something - i LOVE ironed sheets). i think i'm gonna try the white vinegar tip. i actually really should - we got an email at work today talking about dress code starting next week (we've had casual summer) and one of the forbidden items is "wrinkled clothing." my father would be so embarrassed! i ALWAYS go to work with wrinkled clothes. its part of my look now. :)

and THIS article is super good to remind you of different things that most people forget to clean. i might leave a copy of this article out for my cleaning person. i might actually do the washing machine part tonight. that sounds kind of fun. like making a big soup. except a soup that you wouldn't want to eat. not really.

so whats up for you for the weekend? i have NO PLANS which is fabulous, except to come in to work and get a ton of stuff done. i was at work until 11pm last night and then i took a cab home and got into my beautifully made bed. i can't wait until its not humid anymore. its so gross. today we get out early because its a holiday weekend, but i will probably stay around until 330 or so (we get out at 2). i might go to a movie and then i am meeting higgi and chris and kelly for dinner and drinks at intermission before we head to blue man group. chris's company gave him 4 free tickets, so woo hoo! fun times! i have to close my eyes at the twinkie part, though. its just too gross for me.

[lyrics from sophie ellis bexter - i'm listening to the song right now. no other real reason.]


  1. I don't have a duvet so I don't worry about that. Sheets??? I think I put them on like you do but I am not sure.

    I had a house cleaner once. Didn't like her much. I just didn't feel comfortable with her. But that was LONG ago in Minot when you were young. Now I have one. His name is Tom. I trained him, he does good work and the price is right.

  2. now I know where I stand. And I'm ok with that!

  3. i love having my place cleaned too.... did we spoil you? :-)