Sunday, August 1, 2010

goodbye blue sky

greetings! just a quick note to say hello. am in the apple store - last day in paris. its sunday and i originally had a train back to london at 8pm tonight. we changed it to leave at 3pm instead. we didn't want to get back to london so late. this way, we get to elaine's flat by 5pm, can unpack, relax and have a nice dinner (if thats possible in london!) before heading to bed since we both have to work tomorrow. i am working mon and tues from the london office and then flying back to boston on wed. i imagine that i'll be pretty busy on monday and tuesday nights. going out with friends and my coworkers might want to go out. who knows?

anyway, things have been busy. the wedding was great. we got the water back. i'll write more about it all later. this morning, i allowed myself to sleep in as long as possible. i thought that might be until 10am or so, but it ended up being 830. that was fine. i got up and realized i could get some stuff done at the apple store, so i came in and i have been a multitasking FOOL! i went through 100+ unread emails, blogged, am listening to podcasts on my headphones (am SUPER behind on all my podcasts - rarely have been using my ipod since i've been here and now i have 131 unlistened/unwatched podcasts - crazy!! normally i have 30), AND i have been putting CDs on my computer. the apartment where i am staying has a bunch of nice jazz CDs, and so i thought i'd put them on my computer (i like to have lots and lots of music). BUT when i put them on in the apartment, there is no internet, so the computer can't tell what CD it is. that is the main reason why i came to the apple store, so i could download a bunch of music data. its going well so far.

oh! and you wouldnt BELIEVE the queues here. i crossed the bridge to the louvre and thought "do i go in the solitary entrance to apple, or do i go by the main entrance?" i decided i'd go in the main entrance and then leave via the solitary door. i entered under the back entrance of the louvre (outside) and saw THOUSANDS of people standing in line. it was 9am. then i realized why. its the first sunday of the month - all museums in paris are free. there were sooo many tourists waiting in line, it was wrapping around the pyramid, then around the building and into the other side of the building. it was crazy. and it also meant i couldnt go in the main entrance. so i headed across the louvre to the other entrance. it's a REALLY long walk. the louvre is soo big. anyway, got to the apple store right when it opened (10am) and have been busy doing stuff ever since. i have to head back to the apartment soon so i can pack, clean a bit, grab some breakfast, and maybe stop by to get my jewelry that i kind of really want... we'll see...

i've taken lots of pictures, and will hopefully get them up this week. i have a lot of funny stories, too. can't wait to write about them! will maybe do on the train back to london...

catch ya'll on the flip side.

[goodbye blue sky is a song by Pink Floyd because i am leaving paris today... sniff, sniff]


  1. I am confused. The apple store is in the Louvre? And did we go to the Louvre on a Sunday? I don't recall paying to go in. I remember making a bee line to the Mona Lisa. And I remember Jon had a camera and was taking pictures, which I think is prohibited.
    Fond memories.

  2. We did pay to go into the Louvre. That I remember. Plus everything was in French.