Tuesday, August 24, 2010

gettin jiggy wit it

another quick update. its 3:50am. i've been up since 2 - have a flight at 5:15 or so... am flying back to boston and heading directly to work. lots to get done. haven't really checked my blackberry since i've been home, so i'm super behind. great trip home. got my dress. found a dress for my mom. celebrated dad's bday. saw new baby cousin. saw grandma (twice). met up with friend for coffee. saw her kids (one is a newborn). saw a famous baseball player (i didn't (and still don't) know who he is). went to lunch with homie. helped mom with work stuff. the ONLY tv i watched was mad men on sunday night (i just happened to be up). also, had my last bit of sushi. [sad]

ok, well i just heard the shower stop, which means my mom is going to take me to the airport soon...

catch ya'll on the flip side.

until then... i've written often about my enjoyment of airborne, the movie. enjoy this video:

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