Friday, August 6, 2010

all i wanna do

so for some reason, people didn't realize i was back in boston. i am. yippee! i actually didn't cry when i landed, which i have done in the past. i was quite glad to be home and unpack and get moving again. actually, i think i moved MORE in paris than i do here... i should work on that. anyway, its too hot in boston to actually move. i hate it. hate it hate it hate it hate it. waaaay too muggy. yuck yuck yuck. i got back on wednesday around 5pm. i have some stuff i wrote on the plane which i'll have to post later, but for now i thought i should write to say that i am back. my brother asked me yesterday "are you in boston?" to which i replied "yes." and then he said "good job blogging." and i thought he was taking the piss out of me because i didn't blog yesterday. but i guess he meant while i was away - woo hoo! so yeah, now i just need to stay on top of it... and i have to start doing my mad tastys, too.

anyway, so just quickly - got back on wed night. had indian food. fell asleep watching mad men season 3 (i'm trying to catch up so i can watch season 4 - currently airing - in "real time"). yesterday i went to work super early (by 8!) because i woke up at 5 because i was slightly jet lagged. i was super busy at work with a ton of meetings and a lot to do. i headed home and got more indian food (i was craving since being in london) and ate that while i watched more mad men. this time, i fell asleep on the couch. it was a struggle to get up and i actually took tylenol PM so i could stay asleep longer (need to try to get back on boston cycle). i woke up this morning and finally unpacked. i have to head to work and then have some plans tonight (including making FAJITAS - mmmm mmmm!). this weekend, i have lots of plans with higgi. i'll write more about that later if we end up doing anything interesting.

oh, i've decided i dont like my bed. like, hate it, in fact. its waaay too soft. i need a harder bed. i am
what do i do?? this is the bad thing about buying your bed in fargo then promptly moving it 1500 miles... ugh. its really annoying. AND i have too much stuff in my room for it to stay cool. i need to do some reorganizing. or rearranging. maybe thats a project for this weekend...

what are you up to ce weekend?

[... is clean my room! 1993, VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s by Sheryl Crow]


  1. "taking the piss out of me"?? Not sure I've ever heard that one before...

  2. it's a british idiom, jon... and it's one that danielle knows i don't like. hmph. but apparently, she's both french and english now... hooray for d's euro vacations ;)

  3. Today, I'm getting my orthotics repaired and then probably go workout. I work tonight.
    Tomorrow I'm golfing in the morning with Jill.
    Sunday I work.

  4. btw, i hated that song by Cheryl Crow. And what does this british idiom mean?

  5. apparently i dont remember ANYTHING higgs told me wednesday night... oops!

    and agree, homie, i didn't really like that song, either... (its just that the title fit)

  6. I'm hoping to have a baby!!!!! Come out!!

  7. Spending time with my sisters and hoping Sara has her baby.