Monday, July 19, 2010


i was just told to get out of the kitchen and "go make a mess somewhere else." this is my life in the kitchen. i just can't seem to do anything well. sigh. i was making popcorn and more of it landed on the floor than in my bowl. oops.

so its sunday night and i've had a pretty decent weekend. last week was BRU-TAL at work. i flew back to boston on friday and came home via taxi. i got home sometime after midnight. slept in on saturday morning, but forced myself out of bed around 1030 or so because i had a rendez-vous with a friend in london on skype at noon. after meeting up with her, i had to leave for a movie. higgi and i went to see twilight. i'm not a twi-hard, but i have seen the first two movies and i was curious. i rather enjoyed it, but mostly for aiding in my curiosity of this new phenomenon. its kind of crazy. after that, we went for a drink at our new pub near the theater. then we met up with my dad's brother's wives sister and her husband. we went for dinner at a restaurant that we may all skip next time, had some drinks and then went to a bar called drink. we had a drink at drink and then took a cab to the south end and had a snack at the butcher shop. it was good fun. home around midnight and then higgi and i made nachos and i watched two episodes of breaking bad so i could stay up. i didn't end up going to bed until 330 or 4.

today (sunday, that is) i was meant to have a board game party, but had to cancel because i thought our plans with our friends would be today instead of yesterday. it all worked out, though. i was in bed until... oh not late. can't sleep in anymore after a bender the night before. had some breakfast and higgi and i decided to go to the market. but the market wasn't there. bummer. so we went to get breakfast at francescas and i wasn't feeling well, so i left early and came home to take a long nap (which is why i'm awake now). i was in bed until 3 or 4 and then i got up. i was going to go to the gym or for a bike ride, but i just wasn't feeling it in the heat outside. so higgi and i did yoga in the living room. it was good. then i showered and came downstairs to dinner that higgi made. its nice to have someone cooking for you. :)

so that was my weekend. have a super busy week this week. am already looking forward to being home after my trip and just decompressing. just 3 weeks...

Iris by the goo goo dolls released in 1998 was on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s]

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