Monday, July 5, 2010

born in the U.S.A.

happy 5th of july everyone! it is officially 12:02am, so no longer july 4th. i'm hoping to do a bit better on the ramblings over the next few weeks bcs i'm taking a vacation for 2 weeks (kinda, i'll explain later), so i want to prepare for that...

today (sunday, technically) was a pretty decent day. woke up this morning to no power in the apartment. well, first i awoke to a bit of stiffling heat. so i went to turn on my fan and it didnt work. at this point, i realized the tv cable box wasn't on. = no power. crap. BUT it sounded like my fan was on. it kept making this ticking noise as if it was trying to work, but there was no power. so i unplugged it and it KEPT MAKING THAT NOISE. great. just great. i have a possessed fan. i went into the waiting room to go to the bathroom and there is no light. so i find a flashlight and use that. headed back to my room and tried to do something but i couldn't. there was nothing to do with no electricity. no tv. no computer (i hadn't charged it the night before). not enough light for me to read. finally, i fell asleep. i awoke an hour later to an incredibly loud alarm. the power company was messin with our electricity and set off some apartment alarm. so i took my flashlight to hit the reset button. went back to bed and slept some more. once the roomie woke up, we talked about making kale chips with our csa delivery, but turns out the oven needs electricity too. wth. thats annoying. while we were talking, the alarm came back. roomie got it this time, then the power came back. sweet!

we got up and decided to go to target/home depot to get a thing for my AC unit. did i go over this already? if not, i will later. anyway, the bus didn't come back for 2 hours so we had lunch at applebees (with the gift card my aunt and uncle gave me for my birthday in may - thanks ny erds!). i used to love applebees, but it was kind of disappointing this time. maybe i'll go in to it later.

anyway, we took the bus home and set up my ac unit - its cold in my room now! i did some random stuff (organizing and whatnot) and then i went in to the office to get some stuff done. i sent a few emails and then met up with my coworker who is in town from london. he didn't have much to do and i didnt want him to feel bad being july 4th and all (we aren't a part of his country anymore), so we went for thai food and then some drinks. we had a good time. hung out for 4 or 5 hours, which was fun. it was nearly too hot and there were waaay too many people, but we had a good time anyway. i got home after the fireworks started and wasn't going to watch them on tv, but my mom in nodak was, so i figured i'd watch them with her. turns out, we could see them from our apartment! so i watched the end from higgi's room. it was cool.

and now, in honor of our nation's birthday, i thought i'd post some random stuff about our country.

first, which country is the "happiest" in the world? no, its not us. but do we even make the top 10? i guessed no. check out if we did or not here. oh, the winner is this:

this chart is really interesting about obesity rates in the US. where does your state fit? read more about it here.
hmm... i thought i had more, but it turns out i don't. how as your 4th? (and 5th...)

[song by... you-know-who...]

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