Thursday, May 6, 2010

don't call it a comeback...

whoa nelly!

this is the longest i've gone without writing in .... a few months? i'm not sure. apologies. i have been uber busy at work and then at night, i come home and am tired and sometimes the internet doesn't work. oh, and i have self diagnosed bronchitis, which since that affects the mind, means i can't write. :)

so what's been going on people? for me, a few things. i finalized my new assignment at work. i start in boston at the office on may 27. i am leaving smf on may 15 and then get to far that day. i am having a party for myself, fyi, if you want to come, that night - its a birthday party / going away / celebrate my soon-to-be sister-in-law's graduation from grad school. that makes her, officially, the smartest person in my family. (or will make her - still a week+ away. ha) it will be a fun barbeque-type night with lots of board games and whist playing. woop woop. i have been planning for my trip, which is keeping me busy. i had to reorder my bed and get a split box frame so i can get it in the door of my new apartment. i did that yesterday, so check that off the list. i've been contemplating getting the chair or not...

oh! that reminds me - maybe i shall ask you all... what is the optimal way of packing a u-haul? pack the mattress first or last? i can understand first because then you can put all the boxes in behind it and its just another wall. i can also understand last because then you move that in first and can set that up. anyone an expert packer? what say you? maybe i just put it in FIRST but put it on the side of the truck so that when i get to my destination, i can pull it out first... ??

anyway, back to the trip. i leave on my birthday and am heading to minneapolis that night. i'll be staying with my cousin and her husband in their fancy new house. then i head to milwaukee to stay with a friend from high school. that should be fun. the next night i will be in columbus having fun in my old stomping ground. then i plan to spend two days in syracuse with my aunt and uncle and then head to bos. i haven't had any worries about this trip at all, until a few nights ago when i had a bad dream about it. that started me worrying. do i have to stop at all the weigh stations? what if i hit a bridge that i dont fit under? my issue with this is - how will i know beforehand?? and im not super crazy about trying to park this thing in some of the cities... what is the car breaks down? or i fall asleep and drive off the road?? that would suck.

back to why i've been busy. we had an auction at work. so i've been getting in at 7 quite a few days (not today). last night was cinco de mayo, obviously, but that means its also one of my best friends bdays - woot woot! happy bday, w!
oh. that came out really small. hmph.

in any case, i was going to blog last night, but i went out for a margarita (or 3) with some friends. it was fun. i got home at 11 or so, and i dont like to go to sleep right away, so i stayed up for an hour to let my body process the alcohol. i'm super smaht like that.

i'm in sac for a little over a week and i have tons of stuff to do during that time. the first thing, i have to get to work. so catch you on the flip side. (i've got a ton of posts almost-ready, so be sure to check back!)

oh, and thank you all for playing. maybe i'll put some fun links here of things that have amused me lately...
  • an article which says that purses are not an investment. pishaw! actually, i agree with this, BUT i still like fancy bags. what say you?
  • this is crazy - things you didn't know google maps could do. i'm leery of google (despite me using it, i know) because they are so big and have soo much information of mine. i dont think i like it... but i dont dislike it more than i like the product (for now)
  • article on missing golf balls and how they affect the environment. i would have never thought of that! and rather than getting worried, dear brothers and father (and other golf lovers), i will not start berating you for your un-environmentally friendly (potentially) past time. (yet) BUT it does mean i should go on the golf course more often with you and go fetch golf balls!
["Don't call it a comeback..." (LL Cool J, "Mama Said Knock You Out") but actually you CAN call this a comeback....]


  1. HA when you find out the best way to pack let me know!
    Thanks for the b day wished

  2. I don't lose golf balls, because I only hit fairways and greens.