Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my forgotten favorite

just a quick note because i am super busy today - slept in a bit (was going to get up at 5, but got up at 7) and want to be at work in 15 minutes, which is not going to happen.... tonight i feel like i have a lot to do, but i can't think of it right now. for now, though, the point is this: pie won. wtf. i wasn't pleased with either finalist (i think red velvet cake vs. cheescake pie), but i voted for red velvet because cake is better. do YOU, dear readers of wanderlust nd style think that, in general, pie is better than cake? do you?? do you??

if so, i don't know if we can be friends anymore.


not pleased!

[my forgotten favorite (fun song from the clueless soundtrack by velocity girl)]


  1. No way pie is better. Cake rules. I wonder if it could be a generational thing???? Grandma and Aunt Lucy love pie.

  2. Your Dad likes pie. That confirms it is a generational thing. I like cake. That confirms it is a generational thing. ha