Saturday, July 24, 2010

black hole sun

i think a lot about alzeheimers and dementia because my grandmother has it. and so when i see an article about it, i read it. it often makes me sad or cry because it is such a horrible experience to watch your loved one slip away - and i'm not even around my grandmother that often! AND she tries really hard to keep herself together when i'm around (vs. when my mom or aunts are around her). so i figured i would take some time to educate my readers on this horrible disease

i can't seem to post the video here, but i can put a link, so check out this link for a video of a doctor explaining that alzeheimers isnt entirely genetically passed on. which means that probably anyone can get it, and that there are things you can do to prevent it.

this article is interesting because it talks about the fact that there arent a lot of good drugs to cure or help alzeheimers, but they are starting to find predictors and things that will help decrease the chance of getting alzeheimers. for example, getting a lot of exercise and getting enough vitamin d (neither of which i do, but i am inspired to work out at least a half hour each day until i leave for europe and TRY to get some more sun (but i'm pretty sure i'm allergic to it) which is one way to get vitamin d).

so the point is - take care of yourselves people!

a few weeks ago, i was talking to my grandma during one of our twice-weekly calls and she says to me: “its been raining a lot. I could take my soap outside and take all my clothes off and get clean.” it was pretty funny. i don't know why she thought that.

another day, my mom was at my grandma's house, but i didnt know that, and i called gma to talk to her, but my mom answered. she said they were watching justin bieber on ellen and all the girls were going crazy. my grandma said she couldn't understand why people went crazy like that and my mom pointed out that she had a crush on a country music star, who i had never heard of. so i look him up on wikipedia and he's in his mid-40s and it turns out his wife is 20 years older than him. we were all kind of surprised, but mostly surprised when my grandma said, “older women make better lovers. If you knew who he was, he’d be in your heart all the time."

i'm just sayin...

Black Hole Sun from 1994 by soundgarden was on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s and i thought it was appropriate for a ramble about mind games]


  1. the comments you share from your grandmother, which you think are funny and weird, are almost ALWAYS things I could hear you turning to say to me, totally out of nowhere. including that outdoor-showering scheme. :)

  2. lol.


    yes, i think i am actually very much like her....