Wednesday, April 28, 2010

from san airport

fun from airports... i'm at the san diego airport waiting for my flight back to sacramento (via lax - of course, it would make too much sense for me to go directly from san to smf). i've been here almost a week (since last thursday). it was a great trip (no sarcasm, at all!) and i'm quite sad to go back to the real world.

in case i didn't explain this earlier, a few months ago, my grandma (who i call twice a week, but she thinks i call every day) mentioned on our phone call "i think i might go to california. i'm still deciding." it is absolutely clear to everyone in our family that she can NOT go alone, so i promptly hung up with gma and called my mom: "hey, why don't i take grandma to san diego?" my mother, who grew up catholic and therefore has the "guilt gene," said "i couldn't let you go alone!" i didn't mind, at all, but she insisted that she should bear sole responsibility for my grandma, so we thought about looking into flights for the three of us. we found a time that worked for her to get some time off from work, and for me, and we booked flights. i really really wanted to fly to fargo first and then take the flight with them from fargo to san diego. i know it sounds completely illogical, but i really really wanted to be with someone who would 1) allow me to board the plane early and 2) get to take the car from one gate to the next. alas, the cost did not overcome the coolness of sitting in the "handicap" seats at the airport. so i flew in last thursday evening and my grandma and mom flew in later that night.

the first few days, my grandma stayed with my mom's cousin. my mom and i stayed in a hotel at the airport and met up with everyone every evening for dinner. most days, mom and i stayed in bed until noon or so... we always had to ask the cleaning lady to come back. oh and "everyone" includes my grandma's two younger brothers and two of their daughters, as well as the other cousin of my mom.

oh crap. i have to board my plane to lax in a few minutes and i have to run to the bathroom first. ok, i'm going to post this because i can (and havent written for a few days) with more updates on my trip to come soon...


  1. I can't wait to hear more...and no sarcasm!

  2. player - you're gonna LOVE my next update... :)

  3. I haven't read your next update. I can't wait to read the next one..............