Saturday, April 24, 2010

can't think of a subject and have to go

it is now clear to me: i have missed my calling in life. i should've been a synchronized swimmer.

i'm in san diego with my mom and grandma. we're staying at the hilton harbor island and i spent part of today swimming in the fabulous pool that is NINE FEET DEEP. thats deep enough for me to do all sorts of tricks and stuff. it was AWE-wait for it-SOME. then i went in the hot tub to relax my tired muscles. swim dancing is tough work.

so this trip is interesting. my mom and i are trying super dooper hard to do as little as possible, but we keep getting sucked in by our family - aaaaaagggg!!! no, i'm partially kidding. we love our family, we just want to be lazy and they're making that difficult.

last night, we met my mom's cousin (does that make her my second cousin or my cousin twice removed? i never know) and her husband who are taking care of my gma, at a restaurant with my gma's brother and his wife. none of the three people (the husband, my great-uncle and his wife) here remember meeting me last time i was here (10 years ago when my great gma was here). i wonder what that means... not memorable...? i'll ignore. anyway, we met them at a seafood restaurant where the youngest person was... yep, you guess it. me. and next up was my mom. by like 20 years. i had salmon and shrimp and crab cakes (it was a platter) with veggies and rice pilaf. oh my god. how annoying would that be if i started to write about EVERYTHING i ate?? then i had a piece of bread and a martini. haa ha. just kidding. i'm over that. anyway, it was nice catching up with them. we almost didn't make it because we didn't trust the tom-tom, but it got us there, so i guess that was good.

i was going to write more about my trip, but my mom is giving me the nasty eye because we have to leave again for dinner tonight.

oh, just quickly - today, my mom's cousin's husband drove my mom and i around la jolla and some other fancy areas. i would guess, based on his constant disparaging remarks about all things government-related, that he is maybe a bit right of the spectrum from me. i didn't say much, but we all know how long that lasts with me... so at the end, when he said some things, that i honestly didnt really understand, i started questioning him on it, and he started arguing with me some more, but i was like, 'well, you just said this....' and pointed out what he said and he got upset that i wasn't just agreeing with him. so he thought of some more examples, which i questioned some more and finally he said, "are you on a debate team?" and i said, "well, no, but i was in high school." and he said, "well, that explains it!" and i was like, "yeah, but i'm not really a normal debater" to which my mom disagreed. i thought that was funny...


  1. What's a normal debater? What's an abnormal debater?

  2. ahahaha, when I first read your "No, but I was in high school" comment, I thought you meant, "No, I'm not a debater, but I did manage to graduate from high school and, therefore, am capable of questioning your comments."