Monday, March 8, 2010

splendor in the grass

just another manic monday. or not really. pretty laid back, actually. i was meant to fly out of far to smf yesterday (sunday), but at about 1pm, i received a call from united saying that my flight that was at 4:34 was delayed until 4:45. then another call. delayed until 5:25. then another call. delayed until 5:45. at this time, i go online and discover that my delayed flight would mean that i would get in to den, my connection, AFTER my flight to smf was supposed to take off. so i use the system on united's website to reschedule my flight. i could either take a 6am flight and fly to den then sfo THEN smf, or i could take a 12 noon flight and get to smf at 4:30. so thats what i'm doing. i'm on the plane to smf as i write this. i'm kind of indifferent about having to switch my flight. i watched part of the oscars with my mom, so that was fun. i would've missed it otherwise. there were no really big surprises this year, which was kind of unfun. oh, and i was hoping to go to homie's house to watch some more big love, but he never returned my call or text or twitter. that was kind of annoying. he'll just have to keep it on his dvr for 6 weeks. :)

oh. i just realized that i am missing my 2 hour yoga class tonight. thats kind of crappy. i guess i'll have to go next monday. i bought a 4 or 5 session pass and still have not used the last one. next week.

so goals while i'm in sac this time around: resume, apply to jobs, swim, and eat out less. i brought my swimsuit, goggles, swimming cap, and towel back from far. i'm going to start working with my old trainer next week and i think she'll get me a good deal on this really huge gym that has like 3 pools so i can do some laps. i have an underwater headphone system so i can listen to music. otherwise it gets too boring swimming back and forth. i like to multitask. even when i'm swimming. and since i have to drive to the gym, i won't be able to drink and swim or drim, which is one of my favorite things to do. i started doing it when i was in new zealand 3 years ago. there was an indoor pool in my building and i was always afraid of sharks in the pool, so i would have a glass or two of wine and then head to the pool. i'm a REALLY FAST swimmer after having some wine. just be careful you dont knock yourself unconscious if you ever try it yourself. that would not be good.

i'm listening to pink martini on the airplane - my cousin's wife got me this cd for christmas. it is excellent - i definitely suggest it to everyone. this particular song is called ohayoo ohio (on their splendor in the grass album). i just discovered that. it makes me think i should apply for jobs in ohio. what do you think? i think they could use another open-minded individual. and i had a really fabulous time there and met a lot of cool people. or maybe a few. i didnt meet that many people, but they were all cool. sigh. i just want to live SOMEWHERE.

anyway, i read this interesting article online about taking shoes off at the door - its a big deal these days, apparently. there were quite a few articles online about someone who was embarrassed because they went to a house where they were asked to take their shoes off. they wrote about how rude it was. then someone else wrote about how they sent out invitations warning their party guests that they would be asked to take shoes off and slippers would be provided. neither situation really bothers me. i just assume that i should take my shoes off all the time because thats what i would like people to do at my house. and if i know i'm going to be somewhere where i will take my shoes off, i'll bring a pair of slippers or an extra pair of socks. this seems totally normal to me - what do you think? article found here.

so overall, successful trip home for a week. i saw my great aunt, my grandma a few times, hung out with the 'rents and the brother and his fiancee. i saw my cousins and had a fun time with them. i also moved my stuff from the basement to a storage facility (its so sad when all of your possessions fit into a 5'x10' cement box), then rearranged the basement so its normal again. feel free to stay with my parents, they've got PLENTY of room now. oh, i also saw player play in 2 basketball games. here is a rambling i wrote on the way back from the middle of nowhere and didnt get a chance to post:

as i write this, i'm on my way back from winona, mn where my parents and i drove 6+ hours to watch player's basketball playoff game. we will not be moving on, unfortunately. i was really dreading this trip - i want to watch my brother play bsketball, thats a given - i just dont want to drive 6 hours EASY WAY to do it. mostly, i'm annoyed that my mac doesnt last 6 hours (only about 2 without plugging it in). i've been trying to multitask during the trip - blogging (until the computer dies), writing cards, watching podcasts (on the ipod which has a longer battery life), but there is still lots to do when i get back to fargo. my mom agreed to call me a martyr for going on this long road trip. so let's not forget what a good sister i am. :)

i'm really hungry. i'm trying not to eat fast food, but its difficult when you're on the road and trying to rush home. i don't even want to think that eating at a restaurant is as unhealthy as fast food, so i will stop myself from thinking that.

when i get back to fargo, i am meeting my cousins for dinner - that should be fun. i've given up alcohol for the month of march and am hoping to not spend a lot tonight on dinner. then i think i am going to my brother's house to see him and his fiancee. my parents are pushing me to move my belongingings to a storage facility - i am really hesitant to put it in a non-climate controlled area. i haven't looked in the boxes in 1.5 years, so i'm not sure what can be chilled and warmed up. i'm very worried about this. does anyone have any thoughts on this?
for the record, i didnt move my fancy art to the cement box. nor did i move my wine - when i moved my stuff from bos to far 1.5 yrs ago, i think i moved something like 7 or 8 boxes of wine. yes. nearly 100 bottles of wine. now i have just over one box left. maybe 2 boxes. thats a lot of wine considering i drank most of it in a few months. he he. i'm working on getting my collection back up. i rejoined my bubbly wine club and get 2 bottles every other month. AND i got someone in smf to join the club, so i get 50% off a case - woo hoo. i'm def going to be using that. woo hoo. 12 bottles of bubbly waiting for me at home. can't wait.

i just realized there is over an hour left on this flight. i thought it was only 1.5 hrs long. hmm... guess i'll go watch a movie...


  1. It was great having you home, Danielle.

  2. why are you excited about all that wine if your not going to be drinking it for another month??