Sunday, October 18, 2009

no more yankie my wankie. the donger need food

happy sunday! my list favorite day of the week, but i am trying to be productive, including finally putting pictures up of the beautiful victorian houses in my neighborhood here in columbus. i live in the short north district of columbus, which apparently is the gay district (or closest thing you can get to a gay district in middle america) so there are a lot of rainbow flags and obama bumper stickers. i finally (almost?) fit in.

in my effort to be productive, i made a list of things to do today. first thing: get to the grocery store before it gets busy. i HATE shopping when there are tons of people there. i took a bit of time getting out of bed, which i shouldn't have. by the time i took off, on foot, for the grocery store a few blocks away, i realize why i should've gotten up sooner: the columbus marathon. and it happens to go right by my house. all the way to the grocery store. visions of living in boston during marathon monday flash through my head and give me a headache. i wasn't sure what was going on at first because there were just a bunch of cops and orange cones. i asked a traffic cop when the runners were gonna get there and he said that the lead guy was on mile 23 and we were at mile 25. in the time that it took me to walk a little less than a mile to the grocery store, the lead person ran past me. he was a skinny black man, so i'm guessing a kenyan. they sure like to run. i dont know why. anyway, i stopped and cheered him and the 2nd place guy on, but the rest of the crowd was far behind so i kept going. it was awe inspiring and i almost teared up. i truly believe marathon runners should be / could be certified crazy, but i also realize what a feat it is to run 26.2 miles and i'm happy for them. even if they are a bit delusional.

on my way to the grocery store, i took some pictures* of the nice houses along the way. i tried this the other night, but since it was nearing dark, the houses look a bit ominous. so i am putting up all the pictures i've taken - the other night and today. so, while i go make a salad, enjoy these lovely photos..

*i noticed. and i'm not happy. someone took the plastic protector off my camera screen and now it might get scratched. i WILL find out who you are and punish you.


  1. Victory is mine! Sadly I cannot take credit for that, but I sure am glad it happened!

  2. Nice digs. Would love to see inside them. Would hate to pay the heating bills.