Monday, October 19, 2009

i touch myself

scandalous subject, i know, i know. i remember when the divinyls song came out - i was in 5th grade and it was playing on the radio. i had my mom come into my room to listen to the song because i thought it was so great. being a nurse and never shy about explaining things, she told me what the song meant. i didn't get it at the time.

in any case, i am writing today to promote national breast cancer awareness month - currently right now in october. just because the month is more than half over, i don't want people to forget. women in my family have died of breast cancer so it is an issue i am concerned about. i was reminded of breast cancer month when at the grocery store yesterday - i bought yoplait yogurt with pink labels and even some frozen veggies where proceeds go to the komen foundation. here is a good article with a short video. go ahead, ladies, feel up your boobs. men, help them out (if they ask, please don't go molesting anyone under the guise of "checking for lumps"). breast cancer is very serious and often treatable if found in time. i thought this video was great for raising awareness.

in addition, i would like to bring your attention to the idea of PREVENTION not just treatment. there have been many studies that say that following 4 ideas will decrease your chances of getting cancer and other preventable chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc). i really like listening to the fitness rocks podcasts on itunes that talk about different studies that basically follow these ideas:
1) no smoking
2) eat a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts
3) exercise at least 30 min a day
4) maintaining a healthy weight

i'm the first to admit i don't follow these all the time, but i am trying harder. i've even hired trainers to come to my house to force me to work out because i really really really hate working out. but it's important because i don't want to develop a chronic disease.

so, join me in getting more fit (fitter? more fit? fitter?) and know your girls.

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