Friday, August 21, 2009

shiny happy people

good evening, governor. i didn't want to go another night without posting something, so i thought i would put up a few random things. i had a big week and have a lot to write about, so i will have to spend some time online this weekend. until then... enjoy.
  • article that my friend gidge sent me a while ago that i am just now getting around to reading. it talks about how north dakotans are considered the happiest people in the country - shout out to my homies in nodak!
"The nicest Americans, who share the agreeableness personality trait and are said to be warm, co-operative and friendly, are from States such as North Dakota, North Carolina and Georgia"

No wonder people easily confuse north dakota with north carolina!
  • here is a great video my friend bobby sent me years ago. it shows that fox news actually has a sense of humor that's funny! (albeit this is a local news station.... one can hope!)

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