Wednesday, May 6, 2009

damn i wish i was your lover

so, as you read this, i am most likely flying high above you all on my way to gay paree. in honor of my looong flight from msp to cdg, here is an overheard i read and my own story...

Thanks, Airfone!

Girl to friend: So on the way here, I joined the mile high myself!

Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

so i laughed when i read this because i was thinking about when i learned what the mile high club was. yeah, yeah, before you get excited...

my first co-op in college was at john hancock in the financial reporting division. one day, my boss was kneeling in my cube next to me explaining a new report. it had a list of banks on it and a bunch of numbers in columns following the bank names. i asked, "what are these banks with the stars next to them?" he explained that they were "special" banks who had special privileges and belonged to an elite group or something like that. "oh! like the mile high club?" i asked innocently. my boss instantly blushed and started laughing. the co-op in the cube next to me and his boss stood up and looked over, laughing. i sat there completely ignorant to what was going on (i was very innocent before i went to college). "what?" i asked over and over again. they realized i had no idea what was going on. my boss just tapped my shoulder and walked away. i figured that the mile high club was clearly not what i thought it was, but i still didn't know what it actually was. i MEANT a frequent flyer club. only after his boss left did the guy next to me (my age) explain what the mile high club was. i'll never forget.


  1. lol....I can picture that scene going down. you funny!

  2. mile high club?! what is this you speak of?

  3. we are just so innocent in the midwest...

  4. subject: i used to love sophie b. hawkins. sexy song.