Sunday, May 10, 2009

all the things she said

jerry springer was recently on chelsea lately. i really like him. he’s self depricating, completely understands what his show is worth, admitted that tv guide voted his show the worst show on tv EVER. ever since i saw him on dwts, i have really liked him. he reminds me of when phil donahue and sally jessy and all the others used to have talk shows. geraldo. arsenio, etc. back when i was in elementary school and would be home during the day in the summer. i never understood why sally had red glasses. anyway, hopefully this clip will work...

and watching this video made me think back to a post that i had half-written while in france. so i went back and found it and finished it. it's not completely finished because i was trying to type in english as they were talking in french, so part of it is just a direct translation. here it is...

jerry springer is alive and kicking in france!

keep in mind, this is not actually jerry springer - this is the french version. the host is the sort of guy you would ignore on the street but with a microphone and phony suit, he looks a little slimy. behind the stage is a red brick wall and big, burly body guards in tight black tshirts and black jeans on the side. i didn't know they made frenchmen that burly. today's special (at 12:30am on Virgin 17) is about a woman in her 20s who confronts her father who doesn't love her. "pourqoui tu ne m'aimes pas comme ca?" the guests are actually not grossly dressed, like they are on the US version, although they do not look like they walk down the champs elysees a lot. the audience, however, is picked right out of an american trailer park - they are either overweight or wearing clothes that cover half their body or a combination of both. ooooooo.... ca chaud! this is getting good! he just admitted to not loving his daughter because she looks like her mother. if only the US's problems were as simple as this.... oh la la! they just brought the soon-to-be stepmother on. she just offered the daughter a room if she wants to finish her studies! and she broke up with the father since he doesn't love his daughter (she didn't know that) and now the two women are bonding and the dad is getting pissed.

the dad just stormed off stage!

i dont think you deserve a woman in your house. lots of swearing and its only -12!

the next story... a 23 year old living at home with his mom and his mom's cousin. the cousin is actually his momo's girlfriend! the father asks the son, "will you come live with me?" and he replies, "never in your life." 'jerry' asks the father, "why do you want to tell him?" (about the mom being a lesbian). the dad's very rational rationale, "because he loves his mother more than me." the son says, "i'm an adult, i can decide what i want to do." and because he's so upset with his dad, he moved his chair from his father and the bouncer pushed it back next to the father. then the mother comes out and starts yelling at the ex-husband. "we're divorced. i can do what i want. don't start with me! please!" so rien fait (nothing happens). she complains that he never loved her and was an egoist. she admits to her son, "yes, i am bisexual." he's sad, "why didnt you tell me before?" the mom's reason? "i didnt want to disrupt your studies." a woman in the audience stands up and says to her, "bravo for leaving your husband who showed neglect for you." and then asks the father, "why did you come here?" his telling response? "i wont answer that." the son didnt end up moving in with the father and was fine with his mom being a lesbian. the father seemed really upset.

then, at the end of the show, this disclaimer:
ca va se savoir. les cas traites sont interpretes comme les acteurs.

"we'll see what happens. these situations are carried out by actors." does the american version use actors??

[this part originally written 11/08/08.]

what's your favorite jerry springer episode?


  1. I don't have a favorite episode of Jerry Springer, because the show is stupid. Can't say I've ever actually watched an episode.

  2. I like Jerry Springer also. Seems to be a nice guy. I don't think his show uses actors but having never seen an entire episode how would i know?? Truely -- Don't know and don't care! I don't get why people go on those shows and air their dirty laundry. I guess that is what I would label white trash. Now how's that for being judgemental???

  3. subject: anyone remember t.A.T.u.? did we ever decide if she was gay or not?