Wednesday, April 22, 2009

apocalypse now

first, let me say - i'm in a bad mood today. actually, i *was* in a bad mood. i'm better now, thanks to my favorite tv show, chuck. i rewatched monday night's episode and it put me in a good mood, as always. chuck is a fantastic show. it is a comedy/action/drama about a guy who gets CIA secrets downloaded into his brain and so he has CIA and NSA handlers to protect him and use the secrets in his mind. its funny, cute, charming, sexy, fun and always makes me happy. i have never been disappointed by an episode. so now i have to throw in my 2 cents and help chuck get renewed for next year. the ratings are fine, but not extradordinary, so it's kind of on a thin line if it will be renewed or not. if you are wondering about it, you should watch next monday's season finale episode on nbc. and check out this site (warning: sometimes it takes a while for it to load) to learn more about how you can save it. the creaters of have come up with a campaign to save chuck - watch it, buy it, share it and now i think they've added write it or something like that. i've done the first three - and now i am writing about it AND i plan to write to nbc to get it saved, as well. buy season 1 on amazon or itunes - you will not regret it. i have already pre-ordered season 2 - can't wait for it to come out on dvd. i've done this before - back when i was in junior high and my so-called-life was on abc, i cried when they cancelled it. to this day, its on everyone's list of tv shows that were cancelled too soon. i sent letters in to the president of abc and printed multiple copies and had friends send them in. i might get that desperate and do that for chuck, too. it's such a great show, chevy chase and scott bakula are on it. i mean, come on, people.

anyway, why am i in a bad mood? two reasons, actually.

1) it's turn off your tv week. i used to be all about this when i was younger and still think it's a great idea. and when i was in college, i never even watched tv because i didn't have one. and now, i'm addicted! and what bothers me is that they didn't publish the "turn off tv" campaign until it was too late. i didnt have time to prepare! i have no other activities lined up, i dont' have my shows ready for recording. i had to learn about it on huff po and i'm just really disappointed. why can't they have turn off tv week in the summer when people aren't even home?? i guess that's the point. so now i feel guilty because i haven't turned off the tv. grrr!

2) double grr it's earth day. i ALWAYS remember this day because it was my friend kristin's birthday when we were growing up. i guess it's still her birthday, but i haven't talked to her in 10+ years. in high school, i was the publicist for the environmental club. wouldn't have guessed that, would you? and i'm annoyed because EVERY. SINGLE. DAY i read a story about how we can be greener. or how doing such and such is bad. and it stresses me out! when i'm brushing my teeth, i'm worried i'm using too much water. i constantly go around the house and turn off things and then my parents get upset because they purposely left it on. and i'm trying to get my family to recycle, but it's very hard because there is no storage facility for this and we have to take our recycling in - it's not picked up in fargo. going green constantly makes me feel guilty. "if i use this paper towel will people die?" it's like every day there is something new. give up stuff for lent. then, i read an article pointing out how plastic is overused and bad for the environment. now i want to stop eating out and buying ANYTHING thats made of plastic. don't get me wrong, i'm GLAD for earth day for OTHER PEOPLE. there are millions out there who need to live better and be better to the environment. me, too. and i'm trying. i try so hard. it's tiring me out. i feel like unless i go live in a log cabin, don't shower and eat berries and tree bark i will never not feel like i am harming the earth. and it totally sucks! when i go to france, my friends are aghast with my "american ways." they have to tell me to recycle MORE than i would already recycle. and they tell me stories about cafeterias where you dump your plastics into one bin, your trash into another and your UNEATEN FOOD into a third. i can't deal with a bucket full of slop. it's just too much. i was surprised because their lights don't immediately turn on when you flip the switch. they SLOWWWWLY brighten up because apparently this is a big green issue - more power is used when a light is first turned on than the whole hour it stays on or something like that. and i'm embarrassed i don't live a fully green life. i use cloth grocery bags and reuse my bottled water. i turn off electronics and don't go for joy rides anymore so as not to waste gas. but am i doing enough? if i have to print something twice i freak out because i've just wasted two sheets of paper. agggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

turn off your tv. save the world. or something. bleh.


  1. they should have an "unplug yer internet day"

  2. You worry a lot. Don't worry, d, the Earth won't end, at least not when we're here.

  3. yes, [dave], they should have an unplug your internet day. i would have to know for months in advance, though.

  4. je - yeah, but i worry for people's kids, like YOURS.

  5. subject: bizarre movie from 1979 staring brando