Thursday, March 12, 2009

miss you much

it's rather unfortunate that i am no longer in boston. on one hand, i'm happy i'm not there, but on the other, i'm sad that i am missing out on one of the most exciting moments in one of my dearest friends' life... one of my best friends, ryan, is running for state representative. holy zaz!!

i imagine that if i were in boston i would be helping with his campaign, especially since i lived down the street from him. my old apartment in boston was awesome and i had nary a few parties there that were fabulous. and the best part? so close to everything! including ryan's place. when i got back to boston 2 years ago, i didn't have an apartment or any of my things. ryan and his former roommate, penguin-loving cathy, let me stay with them for nearly a month. they had (and ryan still has since he still lives there) one of my favorite apartments EVER. it was two-floors with exposed brick, two bedrooms, new kitchen, TONS of storage and opened up to a wonderful park (which i ruined a pair of heels in because apparently heels don't stand on grass - they fall in).

ryan works at this fantastic restaurant almost exactly between his apartment and mine and i used to stop in when he was working, get his keys and show his place to my friends who were in town. that's how fabulous his apartment is. when my parents were visiting, we went to ryan's for a beer and to show them the apartment, then we stopped at the restaurant (tremont 647) for some drinks and then walked further down the street to my place (ironically, 764 tremont) and had fajitas and ritas and one of the most fun nights EVER. it was crazy good.

oddly, i just realized this has been more of a raving about ryan's apartment than i intended - forgive me, good apartments in boston are hard to come by and i do miss having my own place. but really, i wanted to show my undying support for one of my oldest friends. ryan and i met as freshmen at northeastern. we gave a kick-ass presentation in our business calculus class about buying t-shirts. our friend gwynne was with us, too. we lived in the same dorm and had lots of fun going to target (which was a big deal then - always a plus to have a friend with a car in boston) and hanging out. the next year, we didnt live together and then ryan left NU to pursue greener pastures. we lost touch and bizarrely enough, about 2 weeks after i got back from a year and a half in france, ryan emails me. he was like, "hey, remember me? wanna hang out?" and i was so shocked because he had NO IDEA i had even been gone for so long. so we got back in touch and he offered me a job at the theater he worked at. i was the best, if slightly unpredictable, box office worker. i should share some of those stories some time. or maybe not. i might embarrass myself. we've traveled together - napa, san fran, aruba, throw fabulous parties, and always had a good time. in any case, ryan is one of my most fabulous friends and will make a spectacular state rep because he is dedicate to everything he does. anything that he tackles he does so with passion, so be sure to check out his site at and follow him on twitter at if you live in the area in which he is running, be sure to vote for him on my birthday, may 19!

love ya, babe. good luck and wish i could be there!


  1. Ryan.....we are rooting for you in North Dakota!
    Wish we could vote!

  2. DE, you should go to Boston and help him get elected!!!

  3. i don't remember getting a tour of his place... guess i'm not special... sad

  4. Blade Badass would definitely vote for Ryan if Blade Badass was not banned from Mass. Hopefully this is just a stepping stone to Turd Kennedy's senate seat.

  5. subject: miss you much is by janet jackson. normal or strange? good song, either way.