Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mar twitter archive

  1. grandma has resorted to eating almond bark yet she complains her stomach hurts. i can't wait for the flood to be unflooded.
  2. just woke up and no breaches in dikes and only six inches of snow. so far so good... going back to bed.
  3. time-lapsed video of rising flood h20 on huffpo http://tinyurl.com/d9roar #fargoflood
  4. pretty sure i got my grandma drunk off of one mudslide. woops.
  5. until we have 2 sandbag, sign petition to reunite sbtb cast http://tinyurl.com/cajs27
  6. more on shamwow guy... http://tinyurl.com/dlzdpk
  7. just rcvd code red phone call that they need vols at el zagel in north fargo to shore up dike #fargoflood #flood09
  8. if you're in north fargo near mickelson, WALK to help shore up south side of dike nearish oak grove #fargoflood #flood09
  9. just got code red call-need vols to WALK (do NOT drive) to south side of mickelson to shore up dike. dad & i going #fargoflood #flood09
  10. good article on surviving flood http://tinyurl.com/dzzny5 #fargoflood #flood09
  11. mandatory evacuation of lindenwood area in fargo. breach in dike, inforum is reporting #fargoflood #flood09 be safe
  12. preparing to evacuate? impt docs to save http://tinyurl.com/cyjju5 #fargoflood #flood09
  13. north broadway now closed from 35th ave north to oakport twshp. #flood09 #fargoflood
  14. finally beginning to blog about the flood... http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b... #fargoflood #flood09. more coming soon...
  15. Do you think if sandbaging ruined my phone t mobile will give me a new one? On my way home after tired and a half hours.
  16. anyone still sandbagging? just woke up and need to get going...
  17. heading to bed now to get up in a few hours to help the overnighters sandbag. round three. i'm still sore.
  18. get out and sandbag, people! http://www.inforum.com/even... who wants to go monday night with me?
  19. Quitting a half hour early. My back hurts. My fingers hurt. My hands are dirty. And i'm tired. But sandbaging is fun! Everyone should do it.
  20. There are some real fucking idiots trying to sandbag. Two more hours with them. Bleh
  21. ok, i'm gonna head out to the fargodome to go bag sand. i'm a community supporter! wait. does that sound weird?
  22. fargo news just announced that crest will be higher than expected - was supposed to be 37-40' now 39-41' and its starting to rain
  23. gonna eat and rest up then go sandbagging at like 11 or 12 tonight. who's with me??
  24. wish i could help sandbag. instead i have grandma duty. heading to the old folks home, grocery shopping then to another old folks home...
  25. welcome to twitter, bobbann23!
  26. "live" blogged the ndsu/kansas game - check it out http://tinyurl.com/clga9m
  27. check this awesome page out http://tinyurl.com/dn2vvm
  28. my attempts at nursing documented... new blog post http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  29. at biolife in moorhead getting plasma ripped out of me. finally making money!! easiest job i've ever had
  30. Let's go. When you free? I'm avail anytime but may.
  31. @charpie - you like caribou coffee? i just had their chai today and was less than impressed. i think i like northstar. fully clothed.
  32. who wants to go to new orleans with me for 1-2 weeks to build houses? all expenses are tax deductible....
  33. Great. Just decreased speed by over ten mph because there is a trooper on the road.
  34. headin' to bismarck to take care of @erdynorth. gone for the night
  35. @rcs78 so true - but a week is for wimps. i bet i can finish it in 3 days! want copies?
  36. drinking with the 'rents and their friends. they're all wasted! errr... "tight" excuse me. they're all tight.
  37. just got all six seasons of Oz from amazon. one of the best shows ever. frickin awesome.
  38. back to the blog! 2nd day in a row - i'm a roll! check it out... http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  39. Bison are playing sloppy. not cool. and i dont like it when they say "bisson" i prefer "bizen"
  40. watching chuck on dvr. one of my favorite shows ever! tonight's episode does not disappoint. "nerd herd - thats me!"
  41. (and @erdysouth, of course)
  42. ha ha. just kidding. @erdysouth is at work. going with @erdynorth who is really cool for hanging out with me. i heart @erdynorth
  43. going to grandma's with @erdysouth to play cards and drink milkshakes. is that one word or two? milk shake. milkshake.

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