Wednesday, December 17, 2008


a dear friend of mine from high school, we'll call him kane, was one of the first people to ever get a gmail account a few years ago when google first launched their email service. i think it was in 2004. at the time, people could only get an account through someone inviting them - i think kane knew someone or someone who knew someone who worked at google. in any case, he got me an account. when another friend of mine, kevin, heard about this, he was incredibly jealous - he wanted an account right away. at the time, i only had a few "invites" (versus the hundred now). i sent one to kevin and he sent all of his friends this exciting email about how he got in to gmail before most of them.

anyway, i don't think any of us at the time would be worried or even think about the impact of having a gmail account would have on us. and, in my opinion, i think we still have no idea what will come. there was an article on a blog i read about the scariness of it all and you can read it here:

for example, this morning, i awoke from a bizarre dream. i instantly went to my computer to look for my friend, rich, who was in my dream. he wasn't online so i sent him the shortest email
subject: "where are you?"
email: "i just woke up and you were in my dream."

the next second, upon returning to my inbox, i noticed this advertisement at the top:
Your Dream Is No Accident - - See why your dreams are really you
this is kind of freaky, folks. granted, this is not new and if you noticed, google has been doing this forEVER. i was just reminded of it by this article and thought you all should be, too.

in other news, happiness for today: spent the day xmas shopping with my mom. it was good. we got a lot done AND i bought six sweaters for $109. thats CRAZY. at least i'll be warm in this cold winter. oh, and on that end - i still refuse to admit that it's too cold here. we went shopping and i had a short sleeved shirt on with a long-sleeved sweater, hat, scarf and gloves and it was a bit drafty. i probably wouldn't stand outside in that for a long time, but it's not TOO cold. i have to wear a sweater because my jacket is packed somewhere downstairs and i dont want to look for it. we'll see how long that lasts....


  1. I used to worry quite a bit about all the privacy concerns a while back until on day my boss told me, "you know I'm not laundering money or trafficking drugs or doing anything illegal, so I don't care so much if they really want to take the time to read my email."

    That being said, while I don't care too much that gmail parses my email texts for relevant ads, I don't think we should ever just forget about our privacy.

    And just to play devils advocate..... 1) You agree to googles terms of service when signing for for gmail and 2) There are plenty of email providers which do not display ads

  2. understood your points, anon. for me, though, the point was more "what are they DOING with the information?" I'm not so concerned with me personally breaking any laws, but as a friend said to me after i sent him the article, "dun dun dun dun
    yeah google could copy me and make a replacement mad easy."

  3. subject: 2nd favorite artist - jimmy buffett sings the song "dreamsicle"