Monday, November 24, 2008

windsurfing nation

yesterday i was talking to my brother, homie, via skype. i asked him if he wanted a souvenir from london. he said he would like a piece of the london eye, the biggest ferris wheel in europe. here is our conversation:
me: what? just any part of it? like a bolt? want me to find the biggest bolt that holds the whole thing together and take it for you?
homie: yeah, or bring me one of those bowls you stand in.
me: you want one of the pods?
homie: yeah, bring me one of those.
me: just bring it on to the plane with me?
homie: no, sail it here. you can ride it all the way here.
me: well, i guess i could go across the atlantic, down the hudson river and into the great lakes and then you guys could pick me up in diluth.
homie: no, come through the red river.
me: the red river doesn't go to the ocean. it stops in lake winnipeg.
we continue talking about different subjects including the fact that he is not going to pick me up at the airport on thursday since he is going to thanksgiving dinner at his girlfriend's in the near-middle of nowhere north dakota and about 10 minutes later...
homie: you can too get to the red river from the atlantic. follow the links on wikipedia. red river to lake winnipeg to the nelson river in the north which drains in the hudson bay which is considered part of the atlantic ocean.
me: oh, i didn't go that far.
homie: but you'd have to paddle really hard in the red river because it flows north and you need to go south.
me: true.
so my friend elaine is at work and i think i am going to go find a piece of the london eye for my brother. i was going to go to oxford today, but i slept in late and now it's too late. maybe tomorrow.

and so i ask you, can you get to the ocean via water from where you live?


  1. I think there is a storm drain around here some where that goes to the ocean....did you pick up that bracelet I asked for?

  2. you forgot to put the money in my account. give me a call and i'll tell you my swiss bank account number.

  3. Quit slackin shark bait! Bring me a piece of the EYE!

  4. just got back... it's a bit harder than i thought to find a piece of the EYE.

  5. so glad to have you back on here! I can't wait to see you soon. I've got a pile of papers for you to file for me. Thanks in advance.

  6. i want some Eye too. but i'll settle for a Galaxy bar.

  7. ohhh - you like galaxy bars? i've never tried one. i'll bring you one back and you dont have to put the money in my account like jabooty.