Wednesday, November 26, 2008

should i stay or should i go now?

today is my last day in europe for a while. i have 3 meetings / plans / rendez-vouss - gonna have lunch with a friend of mine, mat, then have coffee with another friend, julian, then meet elaine for a going away dinner. i need to pack now in the next hour or so so that i can go to sleep tonight, so that i can be awake all day tomorrow for my favorite part of overseas flights - movies!!! zaz! originally, my flight was from london to minneapolis direct and then change to fargo (why don't they fly fargo to london direct??? ha). about a month ago, i got an email saying they changed my flight so now i am on a london to detroit to minneapolis to fargo flight (or flights, rather). not cool to have to switch twice. and even more not cool - leaving an hour earlier but getting in 30 minutes later. oh well. they better have tv screens for everyone or i will be MEGA upset. how many movies do you think i can watch in one flight from london to detroit?

so i land in fargo around 6:15pm. and its kind of funny how things are turning out. it was almost the case that no one was going to be able to pick me up at the airport - gasp! - because my parents are out of town and homie is going to his gf's in the middle of nd and eric would be at school. it looks like they will be able to now, so this makes me very thankful. i think its horrible when people don't have anyone to pick them up at the airport.

what are you thankful for this thanksgiving?


  1. "i think its horrible when people don't have anyone to pick them up at the airport."

    Does that include people being extremely late to pick you up when they shouldn't have been?

  2. ha I agree with je! I would rather know I need to arrange my own transport to get home then know I have transport then have it be late....especially the late that doesn't really make it more convenient to get a ride in the first place. I wish you safe travels tomorrow! Once you are all settled give me a holler :-)

  3. yeah, yeah, yeah... homie, i think your flight was early that one time!

  4. I'm thankful that you have a ride and that you'll be coming home:)

  5. should i stay or should i go now?
    if i go there will be trouble
    if i stay there will be double.

    by the clash.