Thursday, November 20, 2008

paris is burning

thanks to lisa and meat, i have my very own travel buddy! as a going away gift, my friends got me this cute gift:he is a piece of clay with some sand on him (so maybe he's actually a rock - i dont know) that they found at a galerie in clermont ferrand, where dimitri is from. it is soo cute! so you buy one (and they are limited - only 7 of ziquick) and then you are meant to take him on trips with you, take pictures of him, and then send them in to this website where they post them. here it is:
en vrac. these are pictures of the little buddies all over the world. i think mine is going to go the furthest. oh, and guess what we're calling him: First Dude. isn't that awesome?? so... where should first dude go?

once i get my camera set up at my friend elaine's this weekend i will take a picture of first dude and put it up so you can see where he is.

which leads me to the sad fact... these are my last few hours in paris. i left yesterday and went to see a fun movie called Vilaine. it was cute, but not fabulous. it was in the style of amelie, but not as good. then i walked all over paris seeing things i haven't seen in a while and picking up other things. last night was a lazy night in - we just watched an episode of dexter and then went to bed. i am coming down with a cold, which is not cool. i said goodbye to lisa and dims this morning - they had to go off to work. i am doing laundry, going to go grab something to eat and then run a few errands and then grab a taxi around 3/330 to head to the train station. my train is at 5pm and i get in to london at 7pm. then... dum dum dum...
europe's longest champagne bar! can't wait.


  1. the last few hours in a place you've once lived but are then only visiting are always so sad :(

  2. I think you should take all sorts of pictures with the First Dude on your shoulder everywhere.

  3. my friend elaine says "he should go to hyde park and frolic in the leaves."

  4. i'm going to try and do the shoulder thing today. the sun comes and goes, though so not sure how it'll look.... once i am back to the US i will start posting the pictures.

  5. although a movie named "paris is burning" was released in 1990, this reference is to one of my new favorite songs by ladyhawke