Monday, November 3, 2008

manic monday

from what i understand, most people dread mondays. but mondays are my FAVORITE day of the week - have been since at least high school. i have always felt productive and energized by the start of the week. and mondays are always busy and i am most happy with many many things to do. and this week is no different because i am on my way to gay paris!

i truly do love paris. its one of my favorite cities in the world and up until a few years ago was definitely THE city for me (now sydney and berlin are inching ahead).

i am slightly worried about my train... i leave munich at about 4:30 and i get to stuttgart and have only 7 minutes to change trains. i'm worried because i have a LOT of luggage. if its a big train station, i might not be able to get to the next train in time. this is actually really worrying me. if all goes as planned, i should get in to paris at 10:37pm. * fingers crossed *

so what do i love about paris?
i love the cafes outside
i love that massive, historical buildings and monuments are interspersed with apartment buildings
i love the "hearts" of the apartment buildings - how you go in the front door and then walk through a hall to find the center of the building
i love the metro system - so easy
i love the big advertisements in the metro system
i love seeing things from movies - like when you walk out of gare de l'est and look up and see the stairs where amelie chased the photographer guy
i love eating in restaurants or going to clubs underground - far underground, not just the basement. down in a cave
i love (and equally hate) the cobblestone streets and paths
i love the city organization by arrondisement. and i love the books that you buy that tell you where the streets are
i love how there are photo machines in the metro stops
i love canal st. martin
i love the sacre coeur - the only church that i have ever liked
i love how most people buy groceries every few days (rather than one big trip every other week)
i love how the french cram so much into those tiny apartments

should i go on?


  1. go on, Danielle...I have to agree with your love of Paris!

  2. Is your love of Mondays a direct result of the TGIM, I'm a Rhino campaign in junior high? If so, we should let Mr. Mortonsen know...

  3. mmmm... i dont think i had mr. mortonsen. actually, i am pretty sure i didnt. that name doesnt sound familiar at all, but maybe i heard you talk about it!

  4. You are so coming with me whenever I go to Paris.

  5. manic monday is from the bangles - rock on 80s!