Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i'll keep holding on

i'm so giddy right now.

i am sitting in my friend, lisa's apartment, in paris. cnn is on the tv, i am reading online, all sorts of fun stuff! i may not be in this good of a mood tomorrow, that would be bad for everyone. ALL OF YOU.

so this morning after i woke up, i went to the store and got all of my favorite foods that i used to eat while i was here. well, not ALL of them. i got barbeque sauce, chicken slices (same brand!) and apple sauce. then i went to the boulangerie (bakery), got a baguette, and came home and had a DELICIOUS sandwich that i used to eat all the time. mmmmmmmmmm so so good.

my friends gave me a task today: wait for the dishwasher repair guy. so i am sitting here hoping that they come soon - could be anytime between 12 and 4 (its 12:54 right now). i havent showered yet in anticipation of their visit, but i will do so after they leave BECAUSE...

tonight... i am going to a GALA! woo hoo!! here is the link http://www.americanelection.fr/presentation_us.php. its 80 euros for americans (thats me and lisa) and 120 for non-americans (suckas!). the food is from a michelin rated chef (very good) and there will be music and cnn and all sorts of fun stuff! woo hoo! i hope that it's not too fancy - i left my ballroom dress at the store i never bought it from. so that is tonight from 10:30pm-6am. hopefully we have good news tomorrow...

the other exciting thing today is that north dakota is no longer pink on the cnn map - its YELLOW. this is huge! so so exciting! and congrats to my friend josh and all my compatriots who are working through the night in good ol' nd. congrats! this alone is very impressive no matter what the results. here's another map showing we're a battleground state.

i sent my ballot back to the US weeks ago, so i implore you all to go out and VOTE today. bring a book and a chair and stand in line as long as you need to. bring water and goodies for other people. and dont' forget the number to call if you notice voting irregularities (1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)) - there are dozens of websites already tracking issues. i wish it weren't the case, but it just could be.

while i wait for the dishwasher repairmen to come, i am putting all of lisa's cds on my computer. so fun! i have never owned a U2 cd, but now i have some... lots of madonna, french music, jazz, and blues. AND the group that sang this song.... who is it??

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